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June 6, 2011

Finding the Honeyhole......

The second Le'Pre'miere Quarterly is slated for June 25th.
This is the showcase where I feature things that have never been for sale in the Shoppe....
And that is not an easy feat.
The Shoppe is open five days a week and there is just me.
On my two days off I spend doing things at home
In order to maintain some sort of balance and
To keep my family happy  :)

I have to plan and also make the most of my "shopping time"
Hoping wherever I decide to go that day will bring me the results I am needing.
Today it did.
Two stops within two hours netted me the pieces below.

The beveled mirror on this vanity is original and gorgeous.
One of the nicer pieces like this I have found.
not the usual Formica top, but solid wood and a beauty.
A new paint finish will bring it back to life.

 Much larger than the less expensive ones as well.

 And how can you pass up a chest  of this style.....perfect for any room.

 Then there's the sweet French lingerie chest......
Once it receives a new paint finish it should be just beautiful.

Not bad for a morning's hunt and
A good finish for June 25 Le' Pre'miere....
The rest is almost completed and stored,
But you have to wait until the event to see what we have.

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.

And if you are here and choose to follow,
Please know I always follow back:)   


  1. Hi Jana,
    You really did hit the jackpot girl!!! I swear this is the craziest business ever. Sometimes you find things right away and other times you can't find a darn thing. Can't wait to see the finished pieces.


  2. I think, I could be wrong, that the makeup piece was origonally made by Ethan Allen. My sister had one growing up that I coveted. I remember my mother buying it there. Just a thought. Enjoy the day!

  3. Hope you aren't the one "lifting" these wonderful furniture pieces into the truck:)! Work your magic on them, Jana! I'm back....finally posted:)

  4. SCORE!!!! I love the writing desk! You have the best taste!



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