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June 27, 2011

WOW....and Thank You!

The week was long and very physical.
All of the merchandise for the June 25 Le' Pre'miere
Had to be transported to the Shoppe and priced and staged.
The weather was extremely hot with the wind blowing making it seem 
That much hotter.
Because of the rain and threat of rain earlier in the week, there was
Nothing that could be done until Thursday and Friday,
Which just wasn't enough time to to everything right.
Still, I made the most of it knowing it "was what it was".
I have a philosophy that if
"You can't run with the big dogs,
Then you just need to stay on the porch...."
I wanted to hide under the porch.

I tell everyone I am a "one woman" show, but this is where
I have to share the fact that sometimes.....actually alot of the time,
I DO have help and support.

Can you see my lil'mama in the bottom left of this photo?
That is her bending over cleaning the dresser.....
Probably not the best picture to share with you, but
She is 85 years old.....and STILL wearing shorts and working at my pace.

She is absolutely remarkable...

 The picture above and below are of my very pregnant daughter.....
(It's a boy!!)
She is working away pricing everything on the back lot.
She is so wonderful....
She also ran the inside of the Shoppe on Saturday....
She is incredible with people and never stops smiling:)
 And I can't leave out my sweet man.
He has never not been there for me
Works harder than anyone I know.
We celebrated our43rd anniversary just last week.
 I had great plans of lots and lots of pictures to "wow" you with my endeavor.
It all started out great with camera in hand and me snapping away,
But that soon fell short as the people started
to come....
and  come,
and come.
So these are all I got. 

 Rachel and I were keeping up the pace outside 
When the back door flew open and I saw a panicked look on my daughter's face....
I ran inside to find about 30 people packed inside the Shoppe......
There was a sale going on there as well and it was pretty intense.

The whole day went like that,
And I was amazed......and very thankful.

I am thankful I have the wonderful family to "bail" me out when I take on too much,
And the incredible customers that just keep coming.....

I had told my lil'mama the night before I was ready to sell it all and stay home
Taking care of dogs and cats and 
Raising flowers......and kissing babies.

I start my sixth year in September....
I think I'll hang around to see what it brings.

I am thankful.....and I am blessed.

WOW, is all I can say.

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come. 


  1. A good friend of mine was going to be in your neck of the woods on Friday and I gave her your shop address. Haven't talked to her yet to see if she made it. She was visiting relatives. I congratulate you on your anniverary!

  2. It looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos. You are indeed blessed. Such a lovely time. :) Have a great week ahead!

  3. It sounds as though you had a wonderful day and family usually pitches in to help mom when needed or at least mine do. I have been blog reading tonight. Hope you are having a great week. A Missouri Friend.

  4. I have to say....If you look back at previous comments on your posts, you will see that I was correct. You SLAYED that show. I knew you had the makings of an amazing amount of sales and profits! Good for you. :)

  5. I know the show must have been amazing, because you put your heart and soul into everything you do. Congrats on the "boy!" I had to chuckle about the picture of Mama....somebody is going to pay for that one, Jana:)! TeeHee!


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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