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May 12, 2009

Hold on Tight and Follow Your Dream....

I have told anyone that would listen that my business philosophy is to "follow where it leads". I don't think you should push or pull, just be intuitive enough to "follow". All last summer I was following the idea of a French bistro as part of my building and renovated the space for a new tenant.....when that just got SOOO difficult, I had to put a halt to the idea and shatter someone else's dream. In the long run it has turned out so much better for the both of us, although at the time, it was very difficult to see....it just didn't feel right anymore. We looked at the space we had developed and decided to rent individual spaces as a mini antique mall....then the economy hit bottom. I could have rented some time ago to dealers with hot wheels, with floral arrangements, and all sorts of things that just didn't fit my vision. That's when I started classes in an art portion of the 1,000 square feet room.....and it worked. Slowly my merchandise found it's way into the individual spaces along with consignment furniture and such and the room was full. I refused to rent any of my space to those that didn't have vision and "good stuff". Well, can you imagine my surprise when the two very best vendors at the last Trade Days Flea Market found out I was renting space and wanted to be part of the store.......I am so excited as they are the absolute best and will definitely keep me on my toes with all of their wonderful merchandise. So, to Lisa and Carolyn........WELCOME......I cannot wait to start our business relationship and become the friends I know we will be......anyone else out there want to be part of the vision? Gimme a call :)


  1. Oh I soooo believe in your philosophy ! if things come too hard or too many obstacles..stop and listen...its a sign..I believe this will be a wonderful new venture for you and your friends!! congratulations!

  2. Thanks to you Jana, I think I will be able to live my dream. Who would have thought back on Abrams St. we would be here now. God works in many ways to help his children. Think he knew what he was doing way back then. It's so good to have friends.

  3. Woohoo !!! It is great to know that you are sticking to your dream because yours will be a much visited and loved place to be ~

  4. I am sooooooooo ahppy for you that things are moving in the direction you want them too. I am thinking about joining you but, just haven't made the decision yet.


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