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May 27, 2009

So FLIRTY & Romantic.......

I fell in love with the design of this wonderful antique millinery flower handbag when I first saw Julia Roberts pictured in a magazine carrying a similiar one. However, I didn't fall in love with the $3,000 price tag. Realizing there are really no new ideas out there, just our intrepretations of what we see, I just had to put my own spin on this gorgeous idea. I have collected old millinery flowers for years and have put them together on some unique straw purses for a whimsical presentation of a very utilitarian item we all deal with.
Very FLIRTY and Romantic....all priced at just $125.00 each in my shop. All sold under the Collected Treasures "Heart & Soul" designer trademark.
xoxo, jana


  1. The purses look great! Sarah and I are having a great time. She loved the shop and all your pretty treasures. We will try to get back before she leaves.

  2. Just beautiful, Jana! Love those vintage flowers.


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