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September 16, 2009

White Wednesday & My Giveaway!

Better late than never they say........and I couldn't pass up this week's event to "show and tell" about my new fantastic antique French sofa and matching chair.....I was so very fortunate to find these pieces and in their wonderful condition as well. The fabric is a silk brocade and the tufting is divine. The original tag remains on the sofa and indicates it was manufactured by the Duetsch Company in Chicago and is an original design. How something this magnificient ended up in lil' ole' Arlington, Texas amazes me, but here she is.......and I'm in LOVE.
Also, if you haven't yet participated in the sign up for my monthly giveaway by commenting this month or by actually following...think about doing that now....the soap is wonderful, even if I do say so myself. And if you want to see yet MORE beautiful whites......check my sidebar for the White Wednesday Button and visit all the blogs participating this week....you won't be disappointed, I promise!


  1. Hello
    Gorgeous set...I really think it should come back to Chicago though...don't you? I will be glad to pick it up and bring it back for you :)

  2. I didn't know you were in Arlington!!! I can't wait to come visit your shop & you bet I'll be @ Fall Trade Days.

    Got so excited over us being "neighbors" that I almost forgot to comment on that gorgeous sofa & chair....what a find!!!!

  3. Unbelieveably gorgeous!!!! Such beautiful lines and fabric ~ happy white Wednesday! xxoo, Dawn

  4. I'm so excited I'm going to come visit it today after work. Some things just make your heart happy,and that is one of them. -BEAUTIFUL-

  5. Gorgeous and it looks wonderful in your shop. I've never heard of that company but it's obviously well made. The antique gods were looking out for you!

  6. I have seen this beauty in person & it is too good to be true!!!!! In EXCELLENT Condition! Jana, you are a lucky girl to be blessed with this treasure!

    Lisa did not find my solder & Pat looked in her stuff & did not find it. :( ????? So, the such ORGANIZED Person is not so perfect. :) Thanks for looking when you moved tables to make room for more classes!

  7. Hi Jana!
    What a lucky girl you are to find those fabulous pieces. I can't wait to see them in your home! I don't know why I never noticed it before, but I used to live in your home town! (A long time ago)
    I was just a little girl, but we lived there for 3 years. It wasn't nearly as big as it is now. My favorite memory is the huge fields of blue wildflowers (bluebells??) that used to grow all over the place! Our house backed up to a pecan orchard and the owner would let me and my mom collect as many pecans as we wanted. It was great. I remember really liking it there!

    My Desert Cottage

  8. Hi Carole,

    I am in love with your beautiful sofa and chair, and how lucky you are to have found them.
    My Father's family had a dark red velvet sofas and chairs, that were amazing with carved dark wood, a little like yours.
    Thanks for visiting me today.

  9. What an amazing find and such beautiful pictures. Love your WW post.

  10. Don't know how I found you but glad I did!Great blog!


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