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September 26, 2009

Altered Couture for a Girlie Girl......

One of my very favorite art forms is actually sewing....not so much the sewing aspect of the piece, rather the creative process which goes into making something from nothing...or in this case......from something altogether different than what it started out as. I have posted on my altered couture sweaters and skirts, however, this is the first garment I have constructed of nothing other than antique and vintage crochet scarves and doilies, as well as tablecloths and collars. This particular piece is made for me and hits right at ankle length. I plan on wearing it with my long velvet skirts, or my lace leggings, or my Magnolia Pearl pantaloons. Several more are under construction for the store as this will also be something I add to my inventory as the months go by and time permits........you just can't help but feel like a "girl"...AND, I am nothing if not "girlie".......thank you for stopping by....I love your comments and appreciate all your wonderful kindness. Remember to comment or follow for a chance to win a loaf of my soap......winner will be drawn October 1! xo jana


  1. Jana, this is gorgeous....just stunning!


  2. Goodness,Jana,that's just beautiful! Enjoyed your comments and Pat's too about the wine. You girls are going to have to visit Central Coast Wine Country. We know how to uncork wine in California! TeeHee! Tell Pat to be careful mixing soldering with wine.

  3. Very pretty! And yo are right it is feminine. It will be great with leggings. I need to find some. Haven't had leggings in years but, they are supposed to be a big deal this year in fashion. Of course you are a Diva.

  4. Oh Jana, that is just gorgeous! I want to see pictures of you modeling your lovely creation :) Rose

  5. I love it Jana~ it is sooooo pretty. Of course all your creations are unique and pretty. Guess the girls are at Round Top by now. Hope they have a great time and bring back a lot of treasures and pictures for us to see.

  6. Hi Jana,

    I love your outfit, anything with antique lace, and please share a photo with you modeling your dress.
    Also I loved your daughter's sweet nursery ~ such a lovely bedroom for a sweet baby.

    Happy week

  7. OMGosh, This is absolutely beautiful... I'm going over to your shop and I hope more like this one are available. This is definitely my kind of thing. The ankle length is just what I would be looking for so I'll be on the look out.

    Enjoy your Day-

  8. I didn't see this before, it is so beautiful. What total imagination. I adore crochet. I never felt that I could wear anything like that, I'm such a simple contemporary dresser. But this is breath taking. I need to make up an award (I don't know how you do that) but your would get it.



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