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September 6, 2009

~~~~Hi 'O Silver~~~~

Yet another one of my "loves" is old silver...doesn't have to be sterling (and most of it isn't), but all of it is divine. The ornate designs on the handles and the intricate fret work makes the tarnished patina look even more beautiful. As you can tell, I don't polish my silver (and sometimes don't dust it...(don't pictures show it ALL~) as I love the tarnished look....I love the blackish grey and uneven finish that happens over time It's not to say I haven't polished my tea set when the girls came over, but we usually drink wine, not tea....so that doesn't happen that much. The old pitchers look beautiful holding flowers or snippets of old lace.....and just have so much soul. Most pieces can be picked up very inexpensively, but displayed together, make quite a statement....which in my eyes says "Beautiful".

Thank you for stopping by.....if this is your first time, then welcome.....if you come often.....welcome back....


And then there's more.....


  1. That was also amazing...love the container you have all your spoons in, looks like mercury glass. I love old silver too and your display in inspiring.
    Best wishes on labor day

  2. I've very impressed with your silver displays..wish I could drop over and look at it for real! thanks for sharing with us...

  3. I love all your old silverware. To tell you the truth I brought most of my stuff to welfare . Didn't know it was vintage or what that meant. I still have some left, will treasure that more. Thank you for your visit.

  4. Wow Jana..amazing silver collection and I really love how you have displayed it!
    I'm with you on the patina..and I love your attitude about it~~very real! The teapot would hardly be used here either...love the vino!

    Love your blog and will check out more posts!


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