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September 25, 2009

Our Art Group's Second Workshop....

Here comes Halloween........

Our Art Group met for it's second workshop last night and there was glitter flying, solder steaming, and ideas bouncing all over the room. Although the general design subject was "Halloween", I can tell you , there were as many different ideas there as there were people. We are excited to welcome Cami of Creating Myself to the group and look forward to the friendship that we all know will come with time. Joann worked on a Sommerset project with teaspoons, pictures, ribbon, and glitter to make the most adorable spooney things. Cami reinvented a vintage glass and brass box with a witch fairy which turned out to be absolutely precious. Pat learned to solder and made her first large charm pendant, while Charlene was kind enough to take her workshop time and teach her, as well as Carolyn with their soldering issues. Carolyn not only finished her large pendant charm, but also presented her adorable houses she is making for the holidays. Rochelle crocheted with gorgeous yarn while "taking us all in", not really sure what to make of our banter. Lisa started her Halloween shadow box of covenant witches and I bounced from chenille pumpkins to door plate cover light catchers and stayed focused on absolutely nothing, except what everyone else was doing........Our next group workshop is October 22nd....just TWO days before the Fall Main Street Antique Flea Market hosted on my back property here at the store. ALSO, if you haven't entered the monthly soap giveaway, you only have until Monday to do so.....the winner will be announced Tuesday, so join in to win!

And then there was MORE!


  1. Oh Jana, how I wish I could live near you to join in on your amazing classes. You all made some gorgeous creations! besos..Rose

  2. Thanks for being so hospitable Jana...dare I say again, how much fun it was!

    My shadowbox is a lot cuter now. I went home & backed it w/ some sheet music & added a couple more details....I'll post a pic tomorrow.

  3. It looks like you all had so much fun!!


  4. It looks like a grand time. I have to say, I am partial to that witches box!

  5. That was a fun night, I'm catching up on all of your posts from the week. Lisa


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