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September 22, 2009

A White Wednesday Transformation.....

Although I have been transforming ugly items into "white beauties" for the past 12 years or so, it never ceases to amaze me just how very different a coat of paint can make something look. I always encourage anyone wanting to "redo" a room to paint the furniture before going out and buying all new things. I mean, if you are going to give it to charity anyway, give it a try and you just might fall in love with your things all over again. This piece I found at a local Church bazaar that I go to each year. It was probably once white in the 50's, but someone (and it was probably a man because we KNOW how much they love natural wood...lol) had stripped the paint, along with the original children's decal on the front door and left it needing quite a bit of TLC. A simple coat of my favorite white paint, a little distressing, and a few sweet accessories and it is "new" again.....never, ever underestimate the power of white!! Want to see more white today......jump over to Faded Charm from the button to the left and see the other participants in today's event.....always sure to please.......

Have a beautiful "White Wednesday" and make your day great! xojana

"BEFORE" the transformation of WHITE.....


  1. Oh yes, I believe in white cottage-distressed paint on any piece of furniture! You transformed this piece!

    Thank you, Jana, for your kind comments about the magazine! We were thrilled!

  2. Oh honey!
    I absolutely love the white fresh paint on it. It just made it so beautiful, fresh, and happy. It looks so happy to have been made whole again.
    The white color looks antique and fresh and clean. Beautiful piece. Just beautiful.

    Please stop by and say hi. I would so love it if you do. Country hugs, Sherry

  3. Right on sister, beautiful in white. Darling cabnet, I'm glad that you saved it. Go Girl


  4. that is gorgeous! What a great job.

  5. I am very much impressed by your blog, you can find more Home Accessories that suites your budget.

  6. you are right!! it turned out sooooo beautiful

  7. Hi Jana~

    Thank you so much for coming by my Blog for a visit. I have your name in the box now for my Giveaway. Thank you for the lovely comments you left. I just LOVE your Blog. I would love to follow it but I could not find the Google Follow button. I am missing it? I am such dingbat! I will add you to my Blog list so I don't forget to follow.


  8. Jana,
    The cabinet turned out great! Love it! Your post is so funny because I was just thinking that next week I'd post white spray paint for White Wednesday. Great minds think alike, huh*

  9. Hi
    Great transformation! It always amazes me what a difference a little paint can make.
    Have a great Wednesday

  10. LOVE THE WHITE! Sooooooooooooooooooo much better than the stained version. And, you are probably right... a man had a better idea. NOT! Can't wait for tomorrow night.

  11. I Laughed when you said men love wood....doesn't that drive you crazy!!! and they also don't like nail holes in the walls either. Thank god my husbands not one of them! Love the transformation.
    Happy White Wednesday!

  12. Hi Jana,
    So nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.
    I LOVE your furniture makeover. It is just beautiful!!
    I know all about the "man" thing too! lol

  13. Jana, your white transformation came out just lovely! Rose :)

  14. I LOVE the natural wood and I'm a woman! I even re-finished my kids high chair and left it without a coat of poly! Dummy me!
    Anyway, I must admit your white dresser is fab!
    Ugh, reminds me....I must get to the stair steps of our freshly built home, gosh!

  15. Hi Jana,

    Happy white Wednesday to you.
    I love your transformation of the dressing table and what a difference it has made and just in time for HWW!


  16. What a great transformation!! It is getting so cold here that I think the spray painting will have to wait till spring unless little projects.
    I just love to make something new again out of paint!


  17. Hi JANA it's me again. Did I read that right, are you hoping for a pink christmas? I have an idea if your talking about this christmas.

    I'm doing clear glass and silver and plum in my big room this year. Let's have an echange. Let me know if your interested.


  18. I couldn't agree with you more! Now if I could just paint as masterfully as you do!

  19. I noticed that piece in your shop last night...it's charming now!

    I'm gonna tell ya again how much fun I had, even if you charge me double. ;o) You all were warm, hospitable & friendly....not to mention talented as all get-out! It was truly a pleasure!

  20. I love it white!!! I'm always amazed at how wonderful the details show with a coat of white or ivory paint ~ have a great weekend!! xxoo, Dawn


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