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August 10, 2009

It's Almost Baby Time.......

Because my weeks are always so busy and full of the store, I have to spend my Sunday and Monday taking care of my home and personal business. Yesterday, however, was different and wonderful. I pushed everything else aside and spent the day with my beautiful child with child. It is difficult to believe a small new person will be here in less than three weeks that will forever change her life.....and ours. We had lunch and handmade ice cream.....and shopped at the mall....she is the only person in the world I would do that for. I despise malls....their horrible cheap China "stuff" that they charge too much for, and all the really rude people......but that was the downside of the day and I looked past it because I love my daughter so. It is so much fun watching her as the mommy to be, knowing she is going to be a wonderful mother to this new little soul.. I smiled as she shopped for someone else other than herself, and with such intensity.....I can see my little cub turning into the Mama Lion and it does my heart so very good. We are counting down the days for Miss Sterling Haleigh Johnston to arrive!


  1. How sweet. I am excited for you. I would bet you have bought your share of presents for the new arrival too...though maybe not at the mall.

  2. How wonderful! I so wish to have grand children, but my daughter is busy with her career..But I keep hoping...one day i will be doing the same thing!! enjoy!!

  3. Kristi is GLOWING! She is so beautiful Janna. I know you are so proud of her! And it is getting really close now. EXCITING!!!!!! Tell her Charlene said that photo of her was wonderful.

    Did you see the first Post on the trailer? I did the one on Boss Lady. The western trailer. Hope you enjoy it. I have gone to look at 4 of them for our first... gotta kiss a lot of frogs Laverne says.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments at our son-in-laws arrival home, Jana. It looks as if we all have "arrivals to look forward to! I love the name, "Sterling." So unique and individual, just as she will be.


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