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August 18, 2009

Fancy Smancy Clothes Hangers

Customers and friends are always bringing things to me that they don't want, but just don't want to give to charity or throw away. Sometimes I luck out, and other times I simply smile and say "thank you"........this great wedding gown slip came to me and, although it was still quite good, was not old enough for me to really want to sell in my shop. I started cutting the different layers into same size strips, leaving the seams in place on one side for added interest and started working them one at a time onto a plain white wire coat hanger..........add vintage ribbons and millinery flowers and you have a really unique and beautiful hanger for displaying vintage clothing and such. It goes without saying that you couldn't fit very many of these in an actual closet and they would be impractical to use daily, but for hanging a very special piece they add wonderful importance and charm.......what I call "cottage sweet".

xo jana


  1. I think your creative mind is a steel trap for those unique beautiful ideas. If it can be thought of Jana, you can come up with it. You are sooooo clever and they are soooo delicious!


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