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August 15, 2009

It's Amazing What You Can Do When YOU Want To, Huh?

You can call me obsessive compulsive.....others do. I don't take it personally, in fact, I think if you use the energy in a postive manner, it can be creative and productive........such as today. My previous post shows (see below) how all of the battenburg lace pieces started coming together for a vintage style jacket....you know, one that would look good with your Magnolia Pearl pants, or even your favorite jeans. I started on it late yesterday and felt like today would be too busy at the store to even look for embellishments for the piece.....and it was. However, it just didn't stop me. Take into consideration that my shop is the type environment where I get to know my customers.....whether it is your first time in or you are a regular, there is always conversation. I take it very personally when people simply dismiss my friendliness and don't even say goodbye when they leave...I mean, just HOW rude. If they could hear me from inside the store yelling things at them, they certainly never would come back.....I just don't get rude people. I know I am getting off track, but that is part of the story here. Inbetween customers, lengthy conversations, and answering the telephone, I was able to sew a seam here and there and tea stain the pieces, dry them outback in the hot Texas sun and finish up with the ribbons and antique velvet rusched roses that I'm known for.........It's amazing what you can get done when it's what YOU want to do, huh? I'm pleased with the finished product and can't wait to wear it.....and make some more!


  1. Stunning... I think I must be tired because it took me reading this post 3 times along with the last few to finally realize this was the finished product from the post before. It is just gorgeous! How lovely would that look with a lacy tank top and baggy jeans :) I know, I know... I am dreamin again, could I get you to "redo" my closet? I love the Magnolia line but I think a paycheck is too much for a pair of pants or a shirt no matter how gorgeous they are :) (maybe one day I will break down on that idea...) Congratulations on it being almost time for that beautiful lil bebe to join all of you, I can tell how loved she is already :) Rose

  2. Jana,
    The jacket is absolutly AWESOME! The pictures don't do it justice, I was lucky enough to see it up close and it's just beautiful. I love your attention to detail and you always take 'it' as far as it will go but not over the top.


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