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August 22, 2009

Sitting in a Bed of Roses.......painted vinyl chairs

My store, Collected Treasures, hosts the Trade Days Antique Flea Market twice a year and it is always alot of fun.....alot of work, but alot of fun as well. It never, ever fails that one of the dealers leaves me with a "present"......only because it didn't sell and they don't want to fool with it any longer. BOTH of these chairs came to me at different times......one as a "surprise" at my back door after all the dealers were gone, and the other presented as the dealer was leaving the lot. This was one of those times when I simply smiled and said "thank you", all the time thinking it was just something else for me to own the rest of my life....I mean these things were UgLY. Imagine dark, worn wood and old vinyl upholstery in a color you have never seen before. Their only saving grace was the fact they were in sturdy condition and the upholstery wasn't torn or coming apart.....OK, they can stay....I'll find an upholsterer who will give me a good deal....I have alot of great fabrics....I think I can make this work. A year later I still hadn't "made it work" and was quite tired of moving these chairs around to get to what I needed in the storage area.
Out came the Kilz, gesso, and sandpaper. I added some oil painted roses and they were done.......The vinyl is still soft and supple and they can actually be used and last a life time......the next Trade Days is in October.....I hope they leave me some more of their junk!


  1. Great Job! I have a friend that wants to take you rose painting class. I told her about it this weekend at the lake. I will try to remember to get the dates & info to her.

    I can't believe that this week is the first Art Group meeting! I still don't have my stool ready. May be what I work on that night. I just haven't been home much & left alone. Thank Goodness he is going back to work & the kids back to school. See... you'll feel that way once Sterling is here & you keep her a lot. Love them but, gotta give them candy & kisses & SEND THEM HOME!!!!! That's what Nonna's do.

  2. Love the chairs and adore those rose bouquets! It is always fun to make something that is just so-so into something beautiful!


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