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August 26, 2009

~~~~Forget Me Not~~~~~

My very favorite sentiment of all time is "Forget Me Not". It is just so romantic and endearing that I buy anything I find with this wonderful Victorian phrase. This week has been a hectic one with my new Miss Sterling and the new Mama's needs, so I haven't been able to really focus on what I need to do. That is when I steal what few minutes I have to play and regain my direction, or at least, try to.......I should be cleaning the art table for tomorrow night's group session, but I'm not. It will get done, but in the last few minutes I have before the girls show up as that is generally my MO...and because it works, I do it to myself each and every time. I came across this small vintage convex glass frame years ago and knew once I removed all the dead butterflies and flowers it would be good for something. I mean, what were they thinking killing bugs and framing them for ART????? Anyway, once I used some of Lisa's (of Tarnished and Tattered) beautiful vintage papers, added a gorgeous velvet and silk millinery flower....and of course, my favorite phrase "Forget Me Not"....it was complete....a beautiful, heartfelt presentation. I also came across an old scrapbook and did the same thing with papers, keys, trims, and my favorite phrase once again. Didn't get very far on clearing the table, but it will happen.....just not today :) Because today I am leaving the shop on time to love my new baby girl.......so she will forever........"Forget Me Not".

Just a very large old scrapbook with a really UgLY cover turned into a sweet altered art memory book....not acid free because it contains all of it's original old papers, but those could easily be replaced if desired......not completely finished, but a good start until all the glue dries overnight.


  1. Not to worry... they don't forget the Grands! They know who butters their bread Gammy! Love what you did with the frame. See ya soon! I'm excited!

  2. Just beautiful!!! I love the convex frame artwork! Enjoy that precious new baby...xxoo, Dawn


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