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October 25, 2009

Another One Down.........What Fun!

Friday before the Trade Days Sale started off early with dealers showing up with tents, awnings and tables. The wind was blowing which made it cooler than usual, but it was proving to be a gorgeous weekend.....I even think the light shining down through the pictures was our indication it was gonna be a good weekend.
All of the dealers were wonderful and made my efforts putting the sale together look good. This was the best sale to date and as dealers left they were already talking about the next one scheduled in May. I'm not quite sure I'm ready to think about that right now as I sit here still in my pajamas with tired, sore feet.........but I know it will all come together yet again. I thank all the dealers who hang in there with me and share my vision for what this can and will become over the years and for all the customers that come and shop.......believe it or not.....it's all done for YOU!

The lot got fuller and fuller as the day went on.......the wind was blowing so we all said silent prayers our tents wouldn't be on Wendy's parking lot before morning!

A wonderful assortment of all kinds of vintage and antique treasures!

Wonderful, quality items at more than fair prices made the day successful for everyone!

I was so very pleased and impressed with the "loot" all the dealers brought. There was so very much to choose from that you didn't know where to look first!

I immediately fell in love with this solid vintage concrete gnome.......it so reminded me of the one from one of the King of the Hill episodes I saw.......not many people know that I adore that show and it makes me laugh out loud. I wouldn't spend the money on myself for this expensive little guy, but I saw the deaker loading it into my lil'mama's car, so I'm pretty sure it's gonna be under the Christmas tree for me this year.....makes me very happy!
The patio was set up and ready to go early........next year this area will be covered with a new wooden pergola....no more tents and awnings for this girl!

And my girls.....Tater and her mama. This was Tater's first sale and she did wonderful.....so wonderful that she got a "prize". Even with a nine week old baby, my beautiful daughter was more help than ten people....she is so incredible.....goodness, I do love my girls!

And the absolutely BEST thing about the day for me was buying this awesome 90 year old tricycle for Tater......I'm thinking she is gonna be an "old soul" like me.....I can just tell.

xo jana


  1. Great sale, my feet are sore! What beautiful weather we had, hope it's that nice in the spring. I'm already getting ready for our Christmas Open House. Thanks Brenda & Jana for the hard work. Lisa

  2. How wonderful everything went so well! I have to say my favorite picture of all these was the one of your daughter and the wee one!

    Congrats on everything Jana!


  3. I heard somebody say, "Awww man...somebody bought that gnome" as it was being carried through the lot. You were lucky your mama snatched it up for you!

    Had fun & am looking forward to having a dealer "tent" there next time. Love my pumpkins...thank you!

  4. You must be so relieved to have a successful event behind you. Everything looked great, I surely would've plunked down some serious coin had I been there. I still can't get over the fact that you're a grandma, you look about 12!!!

  5. Jana ~ Joanna and I had such a grand time vending at Trade Day! I see by your post that you have raised the bar for the sale in May ~ now we'll have to start designing a pergola to replace Joanna's tent! Better let our gnomes know! HeeHee. Adore tater tot and her mama! ~ Angela

  6. Amen to the sore feet! It was a fun day! Being there with everyone was so much fun. And that picture of Kristi with Ms Sterling is adorable! Kristi is beautiful & that baby was so good. I NEVER heard her cry. She will love that pony! She will be riding on that patio before you know it.

  7. Didn't we have a wonderful day!! Couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. So nice being with so many friends at one time and having fun. Of course the aches and pains that night were a bit bad and still tired today, but just glad all the work is over. Thanks having the sale!
    So glad the baby is going to enjoy me little feather and rose tree and that beautiful pony you purchased. That's one bless beautiful baby!!
    Hugs, Pat

  8. What fun! Every booth looked wonderful! That pict of your daughter and granddaughter is just beautiful!

  9. Oh Jana

    Evrything looks so wonderful. And, that little "tater tot" is beautiful, as is her Momma!


  10. This looks like so much fun! I love this sort of sale. Tater is a beauty, it helps when they are well behaved too, because trust me when I say, they all aren't! Have a great week and get some rest!

  11. I'm so glad Harriet and I could make it! We found lots of goodies! Thanks for hosting another great Trade Days!

  12. I think I would have come away with a few things myself. Those plate flowers( I think) were pretty cute. Your little tater and daughter are beautiful. Can't blame you for buying that old horse tricycle....how could you resist!


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