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October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween & the Last Day to Sign up For Ornament Giveaway!!!

I totally missed the deadline for "Pink Saturday" this week. The store was literally turned upside down cleaning and getting things ready for the holidays and the open house~customer appreciation we have scheduled for December 5th. I finished a couple of areas and thought I would share some of my hard work and at least take the time to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. Although it's not a holiday I personally like alot.....yikes, I'm really surprised I actually shared that since most of you really seem to love the day. Maybe it was alwaya the orange that did it to me and I just can't get over the fact that I can go with just the black and white to decorate. I'm still wondering though how I will be able to fit any roses in with the spooky theme :).......I still enjoy the fact that it is the official onset of fall and the holidays. Here's to everyone eating all the candy and sweets they want today and not gaining an ounce!
Also, don't forget to make sure you comment for one chance and/or follow for two chances to win the fabulous vintage Christmas ornaments to the right.........promised to arrive just in time for holiday decorating........

And last, but not least......my faux fireplace that is almost finished. It is made from a tall dresser and has a flickering "flame" for a "fire". It has been reconfigured with the firebox.....then painted....then gold leafed around the edges and pink stripes added. A stain was used to bring down the colors and give it back some age and the corner and top center will be painted with a rose bouquet for added charm......it is topped with the antique bed foot board with the mosaic center. This WAS to be my entry in the Chez Fifi contest, however, all my before pictures were purged when my laptop crashed a couple of months....a good lesson to back everything up, huh?


  1. Love the fireplace, it looks so pretty. I am still so tired, hope I get some energy soon.
    Put me in for the ornament, and you know I follow.
    Hugs, Pat

  2. The fireplace makeover is amazingly beautiful. How clever you are. The whole store looks so pretty. I think I have the sheet set you have for a skirt on the white shelf with all the china. I love the print. Happy Pink Saturday anyway and have a Happy Halloween!

  3. I love the fireplace! What a creative twist.

    Happy PS and count down to Christmas!!


  4. Happy Halloween!
    Enjoy a safe and fun evening

  5. Hello there Jana.. I'm new here today and I'm so in love with your blog... those pumpkins makes me scream wish I coul do some for next year....and the new fireplace wow just amazing... Hugs from Puerto Rico


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