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October 21, 2009

Tha ree......ah, that would be three days and counting....

OOPS......for anyone actually counting......that would the
ta uuuuuuuuu.....two and counting...ouch! I just lost a day!

If you think you are getting tired of hearing me blog about the Trade Days then come spend a day with me and you will know just WHY I talk about it so much. The week before the actual sale is literally non stop sale stuff and talk, and talk, and talk. Not to mention that my beautiful store is all messed up because of so many wonderful things waiting to go on the back lot.....and so much more that needs to be done, and so much that won't get done. Why is it that no matter how much you actually do, you don't feel it was ever enough because you set your expectations of project completion so very high that you can never, ever meet it. I'm sure several therapy sessions could answer that one for me, but for now there is no time. The rain has been with us all day and will be most of tomorrow, so it is easy to worry about this weekend. The forecast has promised beautiful weather and I'm holding them to it, but right now is all I see and I need it to go away, please.......and bring us hundreds of people with lots of dollars :) hmmmmmmmmmm.......serenity now, serenity now.....


  1. I feel your pain :) I'm in the process of opening a store and my boys are anxious for it to be over because my living room, craft room and garage are full of projects in various stages of completion. And I still have more to do. Hope you have a great sale! I wish I were closer, it would be the perfect break I so need :)

  2. Jana, I hope you have beautiful weather for your Trade Days :) Please share lots of pictures. besos, Rose

  3. Omigosh, I absolutely LOVE that you referenced Seinfeld there. "Serenity Now" is such a catchphrase at our house, along with Festivus quotes and other assorted quips. I cannot wait to see the pics of the big TD event!


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