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October 14, 2009

My Lil'Tater Tot

Anyone that knows me realizes I have become a new Gammy in the last seven weeks. I am truly blessed because my daughter and her husband live just one house down from her Daddy and me and they love to have us around. I watched her being born and have watched her grow quickly over the last weeks. I know when Kristi (my daughter) and I were shopping for baby clothes we really didn't realize or notice the difference between newborn and zero to three months....thinking they would all fit....I mean, the logic would be zero means "newborn", right?......wrong! Well, last week I was changing my new baby girl and had to really tug on the the little onesie to get it snapped. She has grown from 7.2 lbs to 11.4 lbs and was wearing this little outfit like second skin. That's when I told Kristi that it looked like she had ten pounds of taters in a five pound sack.....and it just stuck......she is now my lil'tater tot. Also anyone that really knows me, knows I make up songs about everything.....hence the "Tator Girl Song". She seems to really like it..........meaning Sterling, not her Mama.......so I just watch her smile as she hears the song written just for her. Kristi even put the phone up to her ear yesterday when she was fussy and I gave her a few versus of the "Tator Girl Song" ... Kristi said she got really quite and smiled.....like it or not, she is forever my "Tater Girl"!


  1. Awww Jana...she is soo gorgeous and look at all that hair!! I love that story and her tater tot name :)In Spanish we call lil taters "papitas" so it made me smile because I called my abuelita (grandma) "ita" (she was the light in my life)and that is even shorter for papitas :) So your gorgeous grandbebe is a lil "Ita" Thank you for sharing her gorgeous picture. besos, Rose

  2. How Sweet! It's special to have a special nickname with your Grandma, that's where mine, Sares, came from. She certainly is the most beautiful little Tater I've ever seen!

  3. Oh Jana...she is just an angel!! YES,look at all of that beautiful dark hair, too! LOVE the little story, so sweet!
    give her a little hug for me,Gammy!


    ~Let Freedom Ring!~

  4. Hey Jana she is beautiful. So glad you are enjoying that little doll. My son calls my granddaughter Tater Tot. She loves to eat tater tots. Have a great day!

  5. Miss Sterling has grown! Enjoy every minute of "tater tot heaven," Jana. I would be singing too!

  6. Soooo cute!!!! and don't I wish I had all that hair!

  7. She is soooo cute Jana, and I want to hear the 'tater tot' song. Lisa

  8. Hi Jana,
    What a cute and sweet post. Awww! Such a loving and proud Gammy. Too sweet. And Sterling is such a cutie too. Anyway, I just hopped on over to say hi and to thank you for your visit. Hope you come and visit again soon. Until next time.

    ♥Ana~A Petite Cottage


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