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October 6, 2009

Another Wednesday of Beautiful Whites......

As the Trade Days Antique Flea Market Sale fast approaches, I find myself totally absorbed in creating and finishing items for the sale. I plan on having a totally white booth this year with all shades of whites and creams for a look that is associated with me and that I really love. The sconces are from the early 1900s and were a brassy gold chalkware......after a coat of paint and and a light glaze, they take on a whole new life. The screen
was just a pine screen with dated fabric that became something wonderfully romantic with a coat of white paint and a little lace. All of the boxes were great with their aged wood and graphics, but still looked worn out and not in a good way.......so all were painted creamy white, distressed, lined with old music and book pages, then given a slight glaze. I'm so excited about the fall sale. Although I host this event twice a year in May and October, this one somehow seems different....maybe it's the economy....maybe I know how good all the dealers are....or maybe, just maybe it's finally "on the map".........

Want more white today........jump over to Faded Charm to see what the others have prepared for you this week.......it's always a good time!


  1. You did a wonderful job making these items more beautiful and delighted me with so many pretty whites. Love it all-

    Happy Day to you-

  2. I can't keep up with your postings lately, Jana! You running on caffeine getting ready for this show?! I am! My booth will be in creams, whites and blacks. Take picts.....I want to see and read all about your booth and show! Have a wonderful time!

  3. You always have some cool things. Love that screen.

    come visit-cindy@stitches

  4. Love your boxes!!! I been away too long need to catch up on all the blogs!!! nothing to me is more romantic than the soft whites and creams!!!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful whites. I hope you have great luck at your sales. By the looks of things you will be taking some gorgeous stuff!


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