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October 27, 2009

A Beautiful White Wednesday.....

With the Trade Days behind us (whew!), we find ourselves already gearing up for the December Open House and Customer Appreciation Day on December 5th. I always take this opportunity to do some fall cleaning and enjoy moving things around for different looks within the shop. I hope you enjoy your visit and invite you to join the others participating in Kathleen's Faded Charm White Wednesday by clicking on the button on the sidebar. The others have more whites for you which are sure to soothe the soul. Also, don't forget to either comment for one entry or follow and comment for two entries to win the beautiful vintage mercury glass blue ornaments to the right. The month is almost over and a winner will be drawn on November 1.
Make your day great.......xojana
The antique buffet was an oak veneer this morning. It got a quick coat of white paint and changed it's look completely.
The only piece of this antique bed that came to me was the gorgeous foot board. It was missing the insert so my sweet man cut a wooden pattern and I did a special mosaic to complete the focal point in the center. We added a wooden shelf at the bottom so it can be hung above a traditional or plain fireplace to give it architectural interest and create a mantel.

This is nothing more than an antique ottoman upholstered in creamy white muslin then "slipped" with a gorgeous antique crochet tablecloth......it fits perfectly and hangs beautifully....the ribbon can be changed to any color you want.


  1. Woman....how do you do it? Love what you did with the foot board. You have the most creative ideas. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  2. Jana,
    Great post, I have always loved that mosaic headboard. It is AWESOME. Love the new buffet too. White paint is magic. Lisa

  3. Oh Jana, I wish I lived closer so I could come and shop! I love the bed and what you did with it, it's just fantastic!


  4. So clever and so energetic. How do you do it? Beautiful creations everywhere! ~ Angela

  5. everything is sooooooo gorgeous!!

  6. It's all deliciously white and yummy! I have a few things laying around that just need a quick coat of white too!


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