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October 31, 2009

The Finished Piece.......

What once was a vintage tall chest of drawers.....now a wonderful faux fireplace with a "simmering" fire, or rather flickering lightbulb, for a wonderful fire "glow". Now finished with all the girlie trim and perfect for any bedroom or office......or a living area where there is no man...LOL


  1. Wow! That is some transformation...I'm having a hard time envisioning i,t in it's before state, as a dresser! It's beautiful Jana...I'm simply amazed @ all that you can do & do it so well.

  2. it sooooooooo beautiful!!! i can't believe that was a dresser, gorgeous roses

  3. Love your blog! I'm glad I "found" you!!


  4. That last part made me laugh! My poor husband doesn't have a man cave anymore, I've slowly but surely turned our home into a girly, man-free oasis!
    I think it turned out great!!!

  5. I can't believe this gorgeous fireplace once started off as a chest of drawers. I love the pink and white stripes. Who likes man stuff anyways...YUK!


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