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October 2, 2009

Pink Saturday's Working Girls............

Today at Pink Saturday I am introducing the "working girls" of Collected Treasures......they have been with me from the very beginning. I even fell of this ladder during all of the refurbishing and broke my ankle....but I don't hold it against her....I was heavier then :) Customers come into the shop and inquire about purchasing them, but I can't let'em go. I simply tell the people to go to Home Depot and get their own, along with a can of pink spray paint, as these are mine.

Also, this Saturday, as the first Saturday in October and the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness, I urge everyone to get their annual mammograms. People are still dying of this disease and it is only through early detection that lives can be saved. As I begin my seventh year in remission and my Mother begins her third, I can only tell you that it can save your life.....but you have to do it all alone.....make yourself that promise today!

Want more Pink Fun.....jump over to Beverly's through the button on my sidebar and see what everyone else is doing for you today.....it's a lotta fun and we all thank Beverly for hosting this each and every week.......
xo jana


  1. Gotta love these 2 hard working girls..and even better, they're pink. :). Happy Pink Saturday and have a lovely day.And thanks for the mammogram reminder..it's time again.

  2. I'm loving all your pink. Thanks for all your lovely comments and I hope you have a great weekend.


  3. Thank you for sharing your pretty pink ladder and trash can. When painted pink, they almost make work fun!! Also, thank you for the reminder about early detection for breast cancer. I get my mammogram faithfully each year. I am so glad you and your mother are doing so well!! That is absolutely wonderful news!! Happy Pink Saturday to you!! Vicki

  4. Hi Jana,

    So happy to hear that you and your Mother are in remission and what wonderful news.
    We all need mammograms, as early detection is the best defence in the fight against breast cancer.
    I have written a breast cancer awareness post also.
    I like your pink stepladder, how cute that is.

    Happy weekend

  5. Hi there! LOVE that pink step ladder....how cute. YES aren't labs the best! We adopted our riley from the Humane society...I will never understand why someone gave him up..so glad they did though. We adore him. Come by again! cherry

  6. Love your pink ladder. Nice to hear you are cancer free hope you stay that way forever. Happy PS

  7. Happy Pink Saturday!

    How fun!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  8. Wonderful ladder. Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Ooooooo, I want that trash can!!! Love it!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes dear one!


  10. That reminds me of a time when I was antiqueing in Holland. I fell in love with a step ladder they had and it was not for sale. I was heart broken, later I was able to purchase it. I must say that I know I paid way too much, but it is a great memory of times past. Thanks for the cute story, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  11. Winter is just around the corner in my neck of the woods and I won't see much pink in my garden again until at least April so THANK YOU for the wonderful blog entry and for giving me a little pinkie-lift today!

    Always - an added sweetness for me is seeing dogs and cats. You hit a home run!

    Hoping that your weekend is filled with laughter and sunshine☺

  12. Love both the ladder and the can!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Love, love, love your pink ladder.
    Happy day.

  14. Happy PINK! I've seen those pink working girls before! And Amen to your sentiments on Mamograms!!!!! Glad you liked Dapper Dan in his pink pants! Hee Hee He cracked me up!

  15. Thank you for that very important reminder. I really liked your pink ladder and the garbage can was wild. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  16. What a great idea. I never think to paint things often enough.

    God Bless you and your Mum!


  17. Wow that step ladder is a cutie...sorry you fell off of it, ouch. A friend of mine fell off hers and she was only on the first step and crushed her wrist...most painful break I have ever seen!

  18. I love the Pink steplatter! I so want one! The trash can is too cute I wouldn't want to throw anything away in it. Thank you for sharing your Pink!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Livin' With Peaches


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