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April 15, 2010

Collecting Isn't "Hoarding"~~~It's Simply Collecting

I don't like the word "hoarding", as that implies a disorder of some sort.
Just because you have alot of something doesn't make you a hoarder, but rather a collector.
Hoarding sounds nasty....and collecting is anything but that.
So, having said that......
This is my collection of vintage millinery flowers.
I try not to take them from hats, as that destroys the hat.
I like to pick them up here and there, one at a time.....and add them to my pile.
I do use them for projects, but don't sell them individually.
Customers ask me why I don't sell them,
And the only answer I have for them is....
"Because then I wouldn't have them"....and that makes sense to me.And how could I part with this beauty?
And these little berries with the ladybug are precious.....
What a fun hat that must have been!

I especially love the ones that are velvet..
I'm pretty sure I have a "thing" for that kind of fabric.

And tons and tons of stamens for when I decide to make some of my own.

Yeah, I'll put that on my list :)
Thank you for stopping by today.....
I always love it when you come.


  1. Jana amor, I LOVE your way of thinking...and oh my stars!!!! do I LOVE your vintage millinery collection...no let me rephrase that I COVET it ever so much :) As I was phrasing how to ask you THAT question that you obviously knew was coming...I saw your answer lol I actually like it, makes sense to me and I think I will use that sometime too :) Have a beautiful weekend, Besos, Rose

  2. Hello Jana.
    I'm trying to think back over which path I took to arrive at your doorstep here at Collected Treasurers and I find I can't remember!
    But . . . I am in Heaven! My gosh what took me so long to find you?
    And this post about flowers! You took the words right out of my mouth. I HATE taking the flowers off hats. I have bought so many hats and just don't have the heart to tear it apart. So if it is tattered and ruined, then I take it apart. Course it helps when the dog chewed one up . . . I couldn't believe she actually tore it up! it was a gorgeous hat that I had bought for a gift - but . . . :) Now I have some flowers to use!
    Anyway - thank you for letting me visit. Love your blog and am going to sit back and read back in time.
    Have a great day!!
    Karen - Some days are diamonds

  3. Hi Jana! I agree with you whole-heartedly!! I'm a collector!.. (not a packrat!)

    I am just wondering if you are in fact, still "hosting" the Quick Project Thursday event?? I think I am the only one who participated this week??.. and yet, I didn't notice you posting it on your end, here???.. I am enjoying it, but... ~tina

  4. It makes sense to me, too.
    I guess that makes me a hoarder, errr a collector, too! ;-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Jana, I enjoy this post fully! I love collecting beautiful things as well and flowers are the greatest. I also do not prefer pulling them off hats. I have gone to craft stores to find flowers on the floor and around flower bins. The store managers know me by face...they help me on my quest for fallin flowers...
    Great post...I think I will post mine as well in the near future. Smiles...


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