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April 5, 2010

~~~~How Many Faces Do YOU Have?~~~

I absolutely adore antique clocks......
And although I'm sure we all know those people with two faces, this isn't about them.
It's about my clocks.
I'm not quite certain how I ended up with so many.
They have somehow just found their way into my life over the years.
It could very well have started with this one though, as it is my first and my favorite.
I acquired this mantle clock when I was just five years old.
We always vacationed at a wonderful Victorian home owned by a lady our family called "Cousin Alice". She was a beautiful lady in her 80's that was the second cousin to my Great Grandfather.
The last summer we were there she must have known something was going to happen as that was the last time we saw her.
As the grown ups were saying goodbye, my sister and I were given the opportunity to choose something from the "toys" to take on our trip. I didn't choose anything and she asked me why.
I told her I wanted the clock.......and she gave it to me.....I was five, and she gave it to me.
I have had it all these years, always on the dresser in my room growing up, then later on the mantle when I was grown.......
She must have realized, long before I even knew, that I was an old soul and her clock was safe with me. This is a gorgeous piece I bought at a neighbor's estate sale....
I have never wound it, but love the way it looks...
These various clocks found me throughout the years....no special reason for collecting them other than I liked the way they looked and the prices were all "right".

This beauty is incredible.......I bought it for just $8 at a flea market.
All of the parts are there, but it doesn't work.

And, of course, my Grandfather clock I received as a Christmas present in 1978......the inside plaque is inscribed
"Our Time Has Come"......

And I have no idea of the origin of this funky clock. It winds on the bottom and the top turns......I've never seen another one like it.

All of these clocks live on a shelf in my master bath above the bathtub....
I just love the way they look up there.

And a couple on the mantle that are actually "working" clocks.
This one chimes beautifully.

And my only battery operated clock, but I love it just the same.

Thank you for stopping by today......

I always love it when you come!


  1. Jana, adore the clock story from your childhood! Just so special. As for the other clocks, they are all fabulous, yet the "funky" one really caught my attention. So unique! Have a great week. ~ Angela

  2. Jana, Thanks so much for sharing the story about "Cousin Alice" and her generosity to you! I especially loved it when you said,
    "I told her I wanted the clock.......and she gave it to me.....I was five, and she gave it to me." That was awesome! Can you imagine doing that?? I think now that I've heard this story, I might be able to think of doing that someday for some special girls that come my way! What a wonderful gift to give a child, and that it has been a special part of your life (it has in fact given you a love for old clocks!), and you can share it with others. Great!!! Love your collection, and that wierd one is really neat! Hope you find out what it was made for!

  3. Hi there! I really love clocks too and have several, but nothing of real value, except that I just like them. Your grandfather clock is magnificent!! Very beautiful - what a nice Christmas gift that was, huh?!!

    I also think that the cream colored clock is gorgeous also.

    Hope you had a beautiful Resurrection Day...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  4. what a cool collection! how sweet that your collection started with this generous woman:)

  5. Oh wow Jana, you've had alot of exciting news since my last visit!!! Congrats on being accepted by Somerset & another congrats on the Good Morning Texas interview...you did great!

  6. Your clocks are amazing and so are you! Enough said!

  7. Oh, I love clocks, too. I've lost track of just how many Baby Ben's I have....LOTS!

    I love your "funky clock" best!



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