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April 10, 2010

Life Prevails......Mother Nature is a Wonderous Thing!

We started working on the garden behind my Shoppe today....or rather my sweet man did. There is about 3/4 acre where I host the Antique Trade Days Antique Flea Market each May and October, and I have taken over one very small corner for my vegetable and flower garden. The remainder of the lot is broken up into dealer spaces 10x10' for the sale.
We have also spent some time trying to do so landscaping to what was a barren lot when we began....all full of asphalt, rocks, and stickers......
we've come a long way, but still a long way to go......
but that isn't my marvel today.....
Because in one corner of the garden, under the shade of the big tree, I sunk one of those small vinyl ponds into the ground, thinking it would be good for bog plants, water lilies, and iris.....which it was and is.
I haven't paid much, if any attention to the pond because....well, because I didn't need to.
I knew the plants would survive and that I would clean it in the spring.
And that is what I began doing today. BUT, as I was adding tap water to the pond I kept seeing something of "color". I thought it was a new leave on one of the lilies as they are usually red in color before unfolding.
Then I saw it again....and it was darting around. I realized it was a gold fish about 4" long.......Before I could even wonder where he came from and how he was able to live in that mucky water, the only thing I could think of was
"AWWWWWWWWW MAN......something else to take care of".
I have no idea as to where he came from or how he got there... but then, I realized the odds of that little guy surviving in that shallow water during the coldest and longest winter we have had in 50 years, and the fact the water was so thick with leaves and muck from the water plants that he was probably using a machete to cut his way through, and I just had to smile.
I think I learned something from that lone little fish.......
That no matter how bad it is or that you don't know where you are headed, just to hang in there because there is a better day.
His better day is the fact that now he has a clean, fresh water pond to swim around in......
and soon a water filtration system to keep him healthy.....and maybe I'll get him a buddy.
You just gotta love Mother Nature. .....
and people like me that just "gotta save the world". :)

Have a Beautiful Sunday........And Marvel at the World.


  1. how funny, I wonder how he got there!

  2. Hi Jana, what an amazing story, loved hearing this and your wonderful message, so true, we gotta hang in there because it DOES get better!
    hugs and blessings,

  3. A friend of mine has a fountain and pond. She thought that all of hers had been eaten by the neighborhood Heron ~ only to find not one of the missing goldfish hiding beneath the water plants, but several. What joy to find your frolicking friend. Nature is remarkable! How is your Wisteria canopy coming along?

  4. Just needed to read that lovely posting today, Jana! Yes, we all need the tenacity of that fish!


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