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April 8, 2010

~~~~Quick Project Thursday #12~~~~

Welcome to Quick Project Thursday #12.
This project is something that can actually be completed in less than an hour and has a good return on your time and your money.
When I was a flight attendant I had alot of time to read....
There were mechanicals, layovers, delays, and sit time.....and I read everything.
I found this fabulous bag in a People Magazine.....
Julia Roberts was running across a street in New York and had one like this flung over her shoulder.....I was in love....with the bag that is!
Hers was by a famous designer and had a price tag of $3,500.
Unless it is a Magnolia Pearl or a Louis Vuitton, I am hard pressed to pay attention, so I can't give the credit it deserves to the original designer of this idea.
Still, it is a great bag,.I found that not only is it important to start with a larger bag, but to also choose the best materials you can find. The more beautiful your millinery flowers are....these better your bag will look. I don't recommend using new silk flowers as it just won't have the vintage look you are going for....and it won't have the richness either. The flowers should have pin backs attached so as not to ruin them....or they can be sewn into place. I don't recommend gluing them in place as that just doesn't present the quality you want on the bag when it is completed.

The quality of the woven straw bag counts as well.....I picked this one up at a thrift store for about $4.00.......it's original retail value was probably around $60.00 or so and makes a huge difference in your overall end product. Simply arrange the flowers to your taste....pin them in place.....and you also have a designer bag worthy of YOU and Julia Roberts!

If you saw a similar post to this before now, you're not going crazy. I was, because somehow it affected the layout of my whole blog and no matter what we did, we couldn't fix it. Karen of Valentine Designs at http://mydesertcottage.blogspot.com/ was nice enough to tell me what she thought was wrong. She had converted me to a 3 column the day before and thought somehow that could be connected to the problem....it wasn't, but she figured it out.....thank you, Karen.....

Set your mind free and create something today!


  1. What a beautiful bag!!!I love it and will definitly make one:)Thank you for the idea:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Hi Jana! Love the bag!! If you did not know, I COLLECT them!.. LOTS of them, 'cuz I LOVE them! A girl can NOT have too many bags! I change my bag at least every other day, if not everyday! I've done one similar to this once, using lace and crochet flowers. LOVE the silk ones, like this, for this time of year.. Very pretty! Wished time agreed for me to participate this week, but hopefully next week! ~tina


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