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April 13, 2010

~~~~~A Worry Free White Wednesday~~~~

I was shopping in Joann's Fabrics yesterday and came across several items on clearance....
And the challenge was "on."
I had no idea what I was going to do with this bag of river rocks,
But they were begging to come home with me.
I woke up in the middle of the night as I sometimes do when I have alot on my mind,
And of all things.....I thought about these silly rocks.

I remembered having one years ago when I worked as a Manager in an office....
And was under alot of stress.
I found that simply holding this smooth river rock in my hand and rubbing
It with my thumb and forefinger gave me some sort of stress release.
It even ended up being very indented from the constant rubbing.....
But it worked.

So my "River Rock Worry Stone" idea was born.
I mean, everyone has some sort of stress, right?

All tucked sweetly inside their individual handmade linen envelope pockets
For a nice presentation and storage.

And ready for sale at the Shoppe and the upcoming
Main Street Antique Trade Days on May 15th.

Thank you for stopping by today.....as we are well into Spring, our days get busier and there is Not as much time for blogging.....
So I am grateful you take time our of your busy day to visit here.
Thank you, Kathleen, for another White Wednesday, as they are always wonderful. If you would like to see what the others have ready for you this week, just visit Faded Charm Cottage and see for yourself.......
It's always a good thing!


  1. What a great idea! Love the envelopes you made for your worry rocks!

    Happy White Wednesday!


  2. Great idea, should be a good seller and help relax a few stressed folks, as well!

  3. I love White Wednesdays! And, your storage solution for your "Worry-free rocks" is very clever.

  4. And yet another wonderful idea. All you gals are so clever and this would be a great gift for someone you know who is a little stressed. The bags turned out really cute.

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.


  5. Wonderful Idea ~ I think the smooth river stones have such beauty & Now with Your Sweet Packaging, a Real Hit!

  6. I think you are a marketing genius. The little bags and tags are gorgeous! Gee, I know a lot of people these might help!!!!

  7. Jana,
    Thought I'd better let you know I am not spending time on the computer right now because of two herniated discs causing me pain down my right arm.
    Will be back soon as i can.


    barbara jean

  8. gorgeous art and very clever worry rocks!


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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