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April 21, 2010

Quick Project Thursday #14~Embroidered Doilie Brooch Tuffets

Welcome to Quick Project Thursday #14 where I share various quick projects that can be completed in an afternoon with little effort and a lot of return on your time.
These little tuffets are perfect to display your collection of vintage brooches or even hatpins.
To complete one of these cuties, choose a small vintage vanity scarf with crochet edges or tatting.
Sometimes you have to play around with piece to see exactly how the embroidered pattern will fall when folded and sewn into a small tuffet pillow.
I like the top to fold over like an envelope would, giving added detailing to the front. Once you have decided how you want your pattern to fall, simply pin and press.
At your sewing machine, stitch around the edges on the inside rim of the lace or crochet......as a quilter would say....stitch in the ditch so the seam is somewhat concealed.
Leave a small 3" opening for stuffing with cotton or poly fiber fill and whip stitch the opening closed.....Adorn with your favorite brooches and display on your vanity or dresser........
It's a great way to reuse the small doilies that just seem to stay in the boxes because you don't know what to do with them or where to display them.
The thing I really like about the project is not only does it recycle these beautiful pieces, but the way they are put together doesn't compromise the integrity of the original piece as it could easily be taken apart and become "original" again. And a shameless plug........only because I worked so hard today loading a lot of new items into my Etsy Shop.
I'm trying something new by including not only items I have made, but some of my vintage finds as well......
I normally list only on Ebay, but am experiencing a "love~hate" relationship with them lately.....being, I love the money, but hate the policies:).....
This is one of the new items listed....hope you will take some time and check it out!

And as always
, I thank you for stopping by today.
You can find another quick project from Tina at Beansie Babbles and also Barbara Jean at Treasures from the Heart, so please stop by and see their great ideas this week too....and be sure and tell them I sent you.


  1. Hi Jana! My gosh, these are beautiful! This is also a wonderful way to save worn or stained pieces that might otherwise be tossed away, and what a shame it would be to do THAT!.. So, I LOVE this idea, and am now more inclined NOT to overlook such pieces when shopping yard/rummage/estate sales!! ~tina

  2. Hi Jana,
    I have a short post up this week.
    A tutorial on my Ps 139 jars.

    Let me know if I need to do anything. Send you link, or what.

    blessings and thnaks

    barbara jean


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