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April 1, 2010

A Promise of Hope.....Don't You Just Love Spring!

It seems it was just three weeks ago we had snow here in Texas....
hmmmmm, wait a minute...I believe we did!
But things change very quickly in this part of the country and
I'm always surprised that we have anything that lives through our weather.
I just couldn't resist snapping these photos of what I have blooming right now in the backyard.
The banks roses have taken over the entryway arbor, but I won't let my sweet man cut them back.....they are gorgeous. Then there is also the wisteria....oh my gosh.....the wisteria.
If their beauty doesn't knock you over, their delicious fragrance will consume you.
This is one of my absolute favorite plants, and
I have even planted ten vines at the Shoppe as well.
I just can't get enough of this gorgeous plant.
Although the plantings have not come up around the fountain and walkway,
I just had to show you the tunnel of wisteria on the other side of the yard.

AND then, there is my daughter's backyard.
She lives one house down from me on about 2 acres.
Her home was built in 1940 and she named it Fox Run.
The neighborhood has a family of red foxes that live among us.
It's not unusual to see them run across the backyard to the creek.
Almost every yard in the neighborhood has some of these little purple wildflowers each spring.
We all protect them, mow around them, and enjoy their beauty for about a month before the grass takes over....it's like a neighborhood tradition.
The huge rock in the background to the right of the tree is another whole story having been dug up in the front street during repairs.
We begged the City to keep it and this is where it fell off the huge tractor, so this is where it stayed.
The other neighbors, including myself, have some serious "rock envy".

Thank you for stopping by today.
Doesn't Spring just make things "new".....

I Love It!


  1. Oh, Wisteria! I have always adored it. Yours is absolutely divine, especially the tunnel. Hopefully you have photographed Sterling amongst the beautiful Spring flora. ~ Angela

  2. Love the wisteria and the roses! I love Spring too! With all the rain we have had, the wild flowers are abundant this year on the coastal range. You put me in the mood to garden, Jana! I think I'll do a bit of dirt digging this weekend.

  3. Hi Jana! Finally Catching up on my blogs...I love love your banks roses! I too have them over a trellis in the back..yes It is definately looking like Spring is here!!! yea!!! I have always wanted wisteria...too..but never had luck in my garden..

  4. Jana amor, beautiful pictures! Hard to believe the snow part, though looking at those gorgeous plants :) I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter. Besos, Rose


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